Our Promise

At Extreme Window and Entrance Systems, we believe that your windows, like your home, should be a reflection of your life. It’s why we build them here in Atlantic Canada, with our challenging climate in mind. It’s why our team of experienced craftsmen use the best materials to build them to the highest of standards, Energy Star© certified to ensure long-lasting comfort and environmentally sound insulating power. And it’s why we offer the widest range of customization choices and designs, to ensure that your windows and entrance systems fit your home perfectly, inside and out.

Our Inspiration

Standing at the window and watching your children build a snowman. Enjoying the rush of fresh, fragrant air as you open the window after a summer sun shower. Savouring the feeling of relief and anticipation as you look out and see your family pulling in the driveway. Our home is where we spend our most precious moments – our sanctuary, our inspiration. And while we often enjoy the enveloping embrace of friends and family, our home also offers the unique opportunity to bring the outdoors in, and to enjoy the warmth and beauty of nature from our own vantage point.

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